Free Reporter Mobile Project

Users download FR Mobile application on their Android/IPhone smart phone and sign up by paying a little weekly donation (e.g. 1 euro) charged on their mobile bill. Signed-up users can view all investigation pitches posted by freelance journalists seeking funding and collaboration to produce their stories, upload content contributions (doc, photos, videos) to help the journalists, follow real-time updates that show both journalists’ and contributors’ reporting activities, vote for their favourite investigations and invite their friends to join by sharing pitches, updates and their own contributions. The combination of a built-in social networking tool and the ubiquity of mobile communication trigger a viral expansion of users’ participation and fund-raising. FR Mobile model is innovative and competitive in comparison with traditional top-down mobile news services because it enables bottom-up collaboration that empowers users, delivers information unavailable otherwise and entertains as a news-based reality show, against cheaper subscription fees.