Discovering Tibet (in print)

Bismarck Tribune (USA), 09/03/2008

> The article recounts a journey through the beauty and environmental tragedy of the Tibetan land along the new paved himalayan trail that led the Olympic Torch from Beijing and Lhasa to Mount Everest. disappearing even the fresh air. Despite their wild 4000mt above-sea-level location, towns are CO2 factories. Anti-smog masks protect pedestrians from poisoning exhaust pipes and households chimneys spitting out burnt-dung-and-cardboard smoke. The latter are the only available fuels since the methane is pumped, via pipeline, from the promising TAR gas fields directly to Beijing. Just beyond the horizonis Lhasa. The once-upon-a-timelegendary “forbidden city” is now reduced to a polluted Chinese metropolis. As we approach it we notice an increasing density of red colour: the People’s Republic flags set on the Tibetans houses. “They flags are imposed to show off to foreigners our loyalty to China”, our young guide, Mazang, states ironically. Read the original story in PDF

L’articolo “Scoprendo il Tibet” racconta un viaggio attraverso la bellezza e la tragedia ambientale della terra tibetana, lungo la strada asfaltata nell’altopiano himalayano, che ha portato la torcia olimpica da Lhasa al Monte Everest. Leggi la versione italiana pubblicata su Famiglia cristiana

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